We make it fly
At Raccoonlab, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of robotics and electronics development. We create innovative technology solutions that help to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world. Whether it's developing a novel path planning algorithm or testing out new hardware components, our team of experts are dedicated to making sure your projects fly. With a unique combination of experience in research, software engineering and electronics development, Raccoonlab is the perfect partner to make your dreams of flying robotics become a reality.
VTOL plane take advantage of fixed-wing and quadcopter flight modes
A brand new protected drone with a tensegrity frame coupled with a cage
UAVCAN PWM, servo, GPS, airspeed, level sensors  
Drone home to rest and recharge the battery
Autonomous path planning algorithms and software development
Autonomous exploration mapping, monitoring, etc 
Advanced simulator with photorealistic environment and full sensors set for perception-based scenarios  
Custom solution for automatic drone cinematography
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At RaccoonLab, we provide the most reliable and innovative electronics solutions for your UAV projects. Our products are designed to help your project stay on top of the latest technology trends and stay ahead of the competition. We have a comprehensive range of products that include sensors, flight controllers, and developer tools.
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