Cyphal and DroneCAN Airspeed v2

Essential sensor for fixed-wing UAVs with Cyphal and DroneCAN interface

  • RaccoonLab AirspeedNODE v2 is a wrapper under MS4525DO airspeed sensor that provides Cyphal or DroneCAN interface. It reads measurements from the sensor via IВІC and publishes temperature and differential pressure.
  • This node measures differential pressure and temperature at a high rate and publishes averaged data at a lower rate. Publication and measurement rates might be configured using node parameters, but it is recommended to use the default values.
  • Node supports both Cyphal and DroneCAN interfaces.
  • Compatible with PX4 and Ardupilot-based autopilots.

Main specifications:
  • sensor: MS4525DO airspeed sensor
  • input voltage: 2S-6S
  • connectors: UCANPHY Micro (JST-GH 4), 6-pin Molex, SWD
  • LxWxH: 40x23x14 mm
  • Weight: 8 g

Note that RaccoonLab AirspeedNODE v2 ships without cables. Please add the necessary cable set to your order manually.

Node has main (measurement) and auxiliary (status, calibration, info, log, flight time recorder, etc) functions. Board has an internal LED indicator of the current status.

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More info is available at the product documentation page

lwh: 40x23x14 mm

Weight: 8 g