Cyphal and DroneCAN Rangefinder Adapter

Quick Overview:

  • Functional Wrapper: Designed for LW20/C, Garmin lite v3 (i2c), and more.
  • Compatibility: Enables use through both Cyphal or DroneCAN.
  • Data Transmission: Reads measurements via i2c and publishes range in meters.

Supported Sensors:

  • LW20/C (i2c)
  • TF-Luna (uart)
  • Garmin lite v3 (i2c)
  • vl53l1cb (i2c)

Key Features:

  • Broad Sensor Support: Adapts a range of i2c/uart rangefinders for network integration.
  • Efficient Data Handling: Accurately reads and transmits sensor data.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for use in UAVs, robotics, and other tech projects.

Explore more: Detailed Documentation.